Who We Are

Founded in 2006, Dempsey Ventures is an active holding company with a focus on medical products businesses, real estate developments and sports industry investments. Dempsey Ventures makes controlling and minority investments while participating in the operations and management of the companies it controls.

At Dempsey, we understand the concerns and goals of owners who are looking for an equity partner. Why? Because we are led by someone who has been there -- an actual founder, owner and operator of businesses.  Also, our Managing Partner and CFO have spent their professional careers advising business owners and our Operating Partner has over three decades of experience managing operations and engineering at manufacturing businesses.  We have had many roles and titles: entrepreneur, operator, investor, counselor, CEO, COO, CFO, CPA, JD, Mechanical Engineer, VP of Business Development, Sales Manager and General Counsel.  We believe the sum of these experiences uniquely qualifies Dempsey to hold the most important title we can ever have -- partner.


Owner-founder perspective to investing and operating.

We get it.