Dempsey Ventures seeks investments
based on the following criteria:



We focus on businesses with $5 million to $25 million of EBITDA, but will consider opportunities outside this range.



We consider buyouts of private companies or non-core divisions of larger companies, growth capital investments and recapitalizations. If we obtain a controlling interest, we prefer to maintain a continuing relationship with the selling owner and the current management.


Industry Focus

We look for growing or mature companies in healthcare products manufacturing and/or distribution.  We will also consider niche' real estate development opportunities and sports industry investments.


Based in the U.S. but preferably with international sales/operations/opportunities.



Investment Term

Since Dempsey does not have any limited partners or institutional investors requiring a current return, we can be much more patient than traditional private equity which typically exits an investment in five or less years.  We invest our own cash, not "other people's money" which allows  us to be flexible and opportunistic.